Public Complaint & Advisory

The Public Complaint & Advisory office at the ministry of Justice and Judiciary affairs of Federal Government of Somali (FGS) is mandated to handle complaints arising from the public which are related in the social justice system and public authorities. The Office will review, evaluate the complaint and advice the appropriate way to be resolve or transfer to proper authority for resolving cases without any interference with the formal justice system.

The long-term goal of this office is to  ensure fair and equitable access to justice for every Somali; rebuild trust in the rule of law institutions; inform and advice the public in all stages of rule of law; and provide swift solution to legitimate public complaints in a fair and transparent manner, while informing and advising public as required.

MOJ’s Public Complaint and Advisory Office protect all citizens’ confidentiality in standard manner and have Paralegals who visits Justice Chain Offices, gather documents from clients and complete as needed, advise and guide clients in provisional manner; coordinate with relevant Justice Chain Actors (JCA).

Core duties and responsibilities of the office

  • Receives and processes public complaints on all stages of rule of law.
  • Collaborates with police, prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges, legal aid providers, paralegals, bar associations, and other relevant bodies conduct appropriate investigation and provide resolution if any.
  • Acts as a partial body to provide fair and equitable access to justice Initiates, drafts, and revises policies and operating procedures for proper complaint and advisory.
  • Provide clients with provisional legal advices in accordance with their cases.
  • Identifies common trends and recommends changes in policies and procedures.
  • Publishes quarterly reports on complaints received and actions taken.