This Department is responsible for the Ministry of Justice planning activities to be undertaken in a specific terms of work implementation, this can be based on annually planned activities or two years planned or more than that is five years strategic plan. The Department will initiate and lead strategic processes, and will serve as a model of institutionalizing an organizational culture of excellence in management and professional work in order to enable the Ministry of Justice to implement its mission and goals.

The Department of policy and Planning is also responsible for developing projects and program that the ministry engages and expects to implement for the coming certain period of time. Project and program development. The detail of the department sections and functions will be elaborated in below sections:

Functions of the Department:

  1. Preparing a comprehensive Annual Work Plan (AWP).
  2. Preparing the Ministry’s business Strategy.
  3. This section is also responsible for preparing the reports of the Ministry (Quarter, Semi Annual and Annual Reports), in Somalia, Arabic and English languages.
  4. Develop monitoring and evaluation tool.
  5. Conduct a monitoring on weakly basis and monthly basis
  6. Conduct and evaluation to measure that the project or program implementation are on their right way.
  7. Conduct survey before and after the projects are in place.
  8. Conducts a research and collects data from the Justice institutions and translate these date into usable information.
  9.  Develop a project and Programs and coordinate with all Justice Stakeholders to undertake these projects.

The Department has four sections:

  1. Policy and Planning section.
  2. Monitoring and evaluation section
  3. Research and Statistics section.
  4. Projects and Program coordination section.



P. O. Box 629, Mogadishu-Somalia