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Admin April 20, 2019

The consultative meeting of youth and women for the challenges of corruption and societies’ integrity enhancement


A two-day consultative meeting was held in Mogadishu city by the Ministry of Justice & Judicial Affairs which attended Youth, Women Organizations and Champers of Commerce. It was organized and coordinated by the Integrity Coordination Unit under Ministry of Justice of the federal government of Somalia. This meeting was going on in Afrik Hotel on 16-17 April 2019 and it was adjourned on the 17 April 2019.

This meeting was officially opened by the Minister of Justice and Judicial Affairs, Avv. Hassan Hussein Haji, who first encouraged the youth to participate in the efforts to fight against corruption and enforce the integrity and value of the society. It was also raised and discussed contemporary and intriguing agendas which were intended to raise the awareness of the youth and women organizations in order to fight heartfelt for the challenges of corruption that has been bearing by the society especially the youth. The Minister further told that youth and women organizations are the backbones of the society and expressed that the future belongs to them. Therefore, it is indispensably needed to enhance their awareness towards positive contribution to the society.

As everyone is fully aware that the Federal Government of Somalia sheds the light on the development of Somali integrity system, enhancement of good governance including transparency, accountability and enforcing the efforts of the Ministry to detecting corruption. The crucial aim of this meeting was to find out a survey concerning the perceptions of youth for the corruption challenges, level of corruption awareness in Somalia.  It is also intended to raise the value and integrity of the youth which might finally lead to contribute finding out a suitable strategic plans to combat against corruption; integrity enhancement, good governance and improving professional ethics needed from youth.

The attendant of the meeting was included by the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the Federal Government of Somalia, Champers of Commerce, National Youth Organization, and Benadir Youth Organization; Union of Somali Students and other youth organizations such as Ifiye Organization and Hope Generation etc. It was also part of the attendee, the office of the president and representatives of UNDP.

Ministry of Justice of Federal Government of Somalia (MoJ) would like to express its sincere appreciation and deepest gratitude to all the Youth Organizations, Universities, chambers of Commerce and representative ministries who were actively participated and contributed in the focus group discussions for the two day meeting,


The Meeting Agenda and the Recommendations

The meeting agendas were included Somali Integrity Environment: Required Ethics of Public Servants and correlation of Youth Unemployment issue with corruption, History of Corruption Laws and its Practice in Africa and Somalia; perceptions of youth towards corruption. The agendas were also included corruption challenges, the enforcement and enhancement mechanism of the integrity of professional ethics of public servants; upping the level of awareness raising in Somalia. The participants discussed deeply all the agendas and produced vital recommendations to the business, civil society organizations as well as federal government of Somalia.

The Recommendations of the Meeting:

The Recommendation of the Youth towards Business People

  1. Youth Organizations recommend to the busness people to halt practicing corruption and paying bribes to the public servants while the Islmaic Sharai and the constitution had banned all the forms of corruption.
  2. Youth recommends resorces should be transfred into building the infrastructure of the economy Instead of paying bribes to the illegal channels,
  3. Participants of the meeting are highly recommending to the businesses people to invest the domestic economy in order to create an emplyment opportunities to the graduate students as well as craftsman.

The Recommendations to the Civil Society Organizations

  1. Civil Society Organizations should represent youth and women organizations for the ameliorating of the current situation of the country and be part of the eefforts of the Ministry of Justice to fight corruption.
  2. Civil Society should produce recommendations which can induce government to develop social services.

The Recommendations to the Federal Government of Somalia

  1. The government should form for the youth a platform which can facilitate to submit their constructive ideas and views.
  2. Anti-corruption education and integrity enhancement should be included into the curriculum of the country.
  3. The government should form a program to foster and elevate the awareness raising of the youth towards corruption and integrity enhancement.
  4. Youth should be recruited in the government services based on the merit of their talent and the level of their education.
  5. The government should ban the phenomenon of the commercialization of the politics and  promote to incourage democratic elections in order to participate talented people.


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