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Admin March 31, 2019

The consultative meeting of the corruption challenges and government’s integrity enhancement

A two-day consultative meeting was held in Mogadishu city on 26-27 March 2019 in which the meeting was talked about the corruption challenges of the country and the enhancement of integrity of the public servants. It is organized by the National Integrity Coordination Unit under the Ministry of Justice of federal government of Somalia.  And it was invited and participated several ministries of the federal government of Somalia, such as Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Constitution; Ministry of Security, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Information, Ministry of Health; National Economic Council, Financial Reporting Center, Auditor General, Accountant General and etc. The other group which also participated was the civil society organization and academic sectors such as SIMAD University, Mogadishu University and Abrar University.

The main aim of this meeting was to find out rigorous research concerning the level of corruption awareness in Somalia, exhibition the commitment of the government towards corruption detection and finally to find out suitable strategic plans to combat against corruption; integrity enhancement, good governance and professional ethics of the public servants. The objective was also to create a focal groups within the government institutions’ elite personnel who will be closely working with this unit in order to detect corruption effectively and efficiently.  Ministry of Justice of Federal Government of Somalia (MoJ) would like to express its sincere appreciation and deepest gratitude to all the Institutions, Universities, Civil Societies and Ministries which were actively participated and contributed in the focus group discussions for the two daymeeting. The following communiqués were issued in the meeting.

The Communique of the Meeting:

1. To join and sign the international convensions by endorsing the United Nations Convention against Corruption(UNCAC) and of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime which are both international and also be part of the regional convensions for combating aginst corruption.
2. To foster and accelerate the forming of anti-corruption government institutions such as the National Anti-corruption commission by finalizing its laws to detect corruption challanges.
3. The Minister of Justice should continually coordinate the meetings of  the created focal groups of the working relationship with the Integrity Coordination unit to detect corruption.
4. To carruy out an awareness raising compaign in order to educate and inform somali society to the consequencies of corruption.
5. To finalize the 2019-2020 National Ant-Corruption Strategy/Plan rapidly.
6. To spread and desimintae the plan of awareness raising, reserach and strategy through out the country.
7. The United Nations and International Organizations are requested to assist the anti-corruption efforts of the Ministry of Justcie of Federal Government of Somalia.
8. To commit and maintain the anti-corruption efforts both in the short and long term.
9. To enforce all the opportunities that we have and utilize it into the eradicating of corruption challanges.

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