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Admin June 6, 2021

Notary Licensing Examination in Mogadishu,


The FGS Minister of Justice, Abdikadir Mohamed Nur (Jama) and the Chairman of the Benadir Regional Court of Appeal, Lawyer Mohamed Ahmed Osman, today jointly launched the Notary Licensing Examination in Mogadishu, which will test about 58 applicants. want to get a Notary Public License.

The Minister of Justice pointed out that this is the second time in 30 years that the exam will be conducted in a transparent and equitable manner. The Minister also commended the Commission for preparing the test.

The Minister of Justice of the Federal Government of Somalia, Abdikadir Mohamed Nur (Jama), also advised the lawyers who were lucky enough to take the exam today, that if they succeed, the responsibility for public property is safe as they have important documents in place. handing over Somali citizens, and it is important that their safety is protected in a lawful manner.





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