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Admin December 16, 2018

MoJ statement of the closure of Jilacow detention center

Today is a historic day in the history of Somalia as the federal government officially closed the Jilaow dentention facilityfamously known as ” Godka Jilacow”. This is as a result of ministry of internal security reform agenda and Ministry of justice of the federal governments response to upholding human right values and in conformity with CHAPTER 2 of our interim constitution on fundamental rights and the duties of the citizen on  General Principles Of Human Rights; which is to preserve Human Dignity, Equality and the subsequent Application of the Fundamental Rights and other freedoms enshrined in our constitution and other relevant international treaties.

Human right protection is an intergral part of rule of law as a result, the Justice ministry is putting high priority on the prevention of HR abuses. In collaboration with key federal institutions i.e. Ministry of internal security, and other relevant institutions. The government will subject everyone to due process of the law as provided in the constitution and the country’s domestic procedural laws.  

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