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Admin February 25, 2019

Minstry of Justice of Federal Government of Somalia has started efforts to increase Integrity and to fight Corruption in Somalia

National Integrity Coordinator Mr, Mahad Mohamed has undertaken a preliminary trip to Puntland State of Somalia today on February 24, 2019 and he embarked on a study tour of Somalis’ first established anti-corruption body, the Puntland Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Bureau.

The Director General of Puntland Ministry of Justice has cordially welcomed the coordinator at the Garowe city and discussed with him the aim of his trip and the schedule that he is going to work for the coming days he is in Puntland.

The main aim of this trip is a peer learning of integrity, anti-corruption, transparency with anti-corruption bodies, and identification of open challenges of accountability and fighting corruption. The mission of this trip has succeeded since the delegate is going to meet with the Puntland government institutions, specifically, the Puntland Bureau of Good Governance and anti-corruption, Ministry of Justice, Puntland Judiciary to underline and synthesize the awareness of anti-corruption and exchange the suitable ideas with combating corruption in all its forms and recommend the nature of required awareness and any other suitable strategy to overcome that challenge.  This peer learning and exchanging ideas will pave the way forward to form the National Ant-corruption Commission which will effectively function in both National and Federal Member States levels.

I hope the three days of Puntland trip will benefit the newly established National Integrity Coordination unit under Ministry of Justice. And it also facilitates the aimed goal of locally network establishment and intra-government relations for the dialogues on the induction seminars.

The Ministry of Justice will continue this kind of dialogues with the Federal Member States and Anti-Corruption bodies in order to reach accountability, integrity and to foster fighting corruption through intra-government relations and raising the awareness of the society.

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