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Admin December 12, 2018

Ministry of Justice of FGS conducts Rule of Law Working Group meeting

The Ministry of Justice and Judicial Affairs of Federal Government of Somalia conducted today in Mogadishu the Rule Of Law of Working Group meeting that was chaired by the Minister of Justice of FGS and with his Co-chairs from Donors, EU and the Netherland.

High ranked officials from the Federal Government of Somalia and International Community have participated the meeting and highlighted its importance for both government and Donors. The session was jointly organized by a technical team from MoJJAand UN as an implementing partner.

During the sessions the Ministry of Planning and UNDP jointly made presentation related to on M&E Goal 16 team for the ROL projects and programs, while the officials from the Ministry of Justice has presented newly developed government road maps special Justice and Security road map and inclusive politics, the concerned portion of Rule of Law.

The State Minister of the Office of Prime Minister, H.E. Abdullahi Hamud, presented SSG and Mogadishu Security project and asked the participants for approval. The Project was unanimously approved with no single objection.

The Minister of Justice has addressed and made remarks that the ministry is giving a priority to expand access to Justice including ADR, Legal Aid and Legal Awareness.

The Ministry of Justice under my leadership is giving special importance to access to justice initiatives including Alternative Dispute Resolution Centers, Legal Aid and Legal Awareness” said H. E. Hassan Hussein Haji, the Minister of Justice and Judicial Affairs of FGS, “13 ADR centers are currently operating across the country” He added.

The Minister also talked about the status of country’s anti- corruption activity dictating that the Ministry has recently operationalized anti-corruption unit and the upper house has endorsed it Bill.

We are committed to finalize the establishment of Anti-corruption commission; the bill of the commission is now in Upper House and waiting for their approval” said H.E Hassan Hussein, “The Ministry has recently established a new Anti- corruption Unit supported by IDLO that is supposed to deal with all anti-corruption activities till the commission gets ready”  he said, “On 9th of this month (December 2018), together with our international partners’ celebrated the international day of Anti-corruption to place awareness on the side of government on the scourge of corruption: he added during his address.

Somalia has been healing from the prolonged political and institutional turmoil since the emerge of Somali Federal System backed by international community, building the capacity of government institutions, re-establishing all key institutional system was key and integral parts that Somalia leaderships have been trying to get strong Somalia again.


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