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Admin June 17, 2020

Approved National Anti-corruption Strategy

Approved National Anti-corruption Strategy

National An anti-corruption Strategy is a comprehensive policy document that identifies a country’s anti-corruption priorities and sets out a strategic framework to coordinate and implement them. It is a blueprint for a realistic and integrated plan for reducing corruption in that country. Anti-corruption strategies are used worldwide to kick-start a country’s fight against corruption. At this time, Somalia has its endorsed National An anti-corruption Strategy is in place because the cabinet meeting held on June 04, 2020 endorsed the National Anti-corruption Strategy which is drafted by the Integrity Coordination Unit at the Ministry of Justice & Judiciary Affairs of Federal Government of Somalia.

The FGS has publicly highlighted combatting corruption as a strategic priority in numerous forums. In February 2017, at the outset of the incumbent administration, tackling corruption was one of three core pledges made by the FGS. More recently, in the Somalia Partnership Forum Joint Communiqué adopted in Brussels in July 2018, the FGS and the international community committed to work together on “taking visible and consistent measures to protect and expand the integrity and accountability of the management of public finances and resources as well as to advance the legal and institutional framework to curb corruption.”5 Since the first day of his premiership, H.E. Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre has been vocal about fighting corruption. The Ministry of Justice believes the endorsed National Anti-Corruption Strategy, 2020 – 2023 by the cabinet leads and provides a pragmatic tool to prevent corruption and this will be encouraging step with a substantive program of actions required from all the government institutions, civil society and society at large.

Approved National Anti-corruption Strategy 2020-2023 (NACS)-English version. 

Approved National Anticorruption Strategy-Somali Version (1)


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