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04 Oct
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Capacity Building Training on Child Protection

Child Protection and Juvenile Justice Unit of Ministry of Justice and Judiciary Affairs held Capacity building training on child protection for Somali police forces and prison wardens. On 2 – 3 October 2018 at Hotel Afrik
The main purpose of the training was to build the capacity of wardens and police officers, CID, judges and prosecutors on child rights and protection of children in detention centers.


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04 Oct
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Meeting between MoJ officials and UNDP rule of law representatives


A team lead by Doel Mukherjee, UNDP rule of law country representative, visited the ministry of justice offices to know more about the ongoing activities supported by UNDP and implemented by the ministry.

They further inquired on the way forward and the ministry’s’ position on the legal aid program that is scheduled to take off in the days to come.

After long discussion and consultation, the delegates agreed to meet on a later date to further discuss on which mode should be taken, the minister promised the plan will be ready once the internal interim regulation process is done by the department of ‘legal aid coordination’.

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