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17 Jun
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Approved National Anti-corruption Strategy

Approved National Anti-corruption Strategy

National An anti-corruption Strategy is a comprehensive policy document that identifies a country’s anti-corruption priorities and sets out a strategic framework to coordinate and implement them. It is a blueprint for a realistic and integrated plan for reducing corruption in that country. Anti-corruption strategies are used worldwide to kick-start a country’s fight against corruption. At this time, Somalia has its endorsed National An anti-corruption Strategy is in place because the cabinet meeting held on June 04, 2020 endorsed the National Anti-corruption Strategy which is drafted by the Integrity Coordination Unit at the Ministry of Justice & Judiciary Affairs of Federal Government of Somalia.

The FGS has publicly highlighted combatting corruption as a strategic priority in numerous forums. In February 2017, at the outset of the incumbent administration, tackling corruption was one of three core pledges made by the FGS. More recently, in the Somalia Partnership Forum Joint Communiqué adopted in Brussels in July 2018, the FGS and the international community committed to work together on “taking visible and consistent measures to protect and expand the integrity and accountability of the management of public finances and resources as well as to advance the legal and institutional framework to curb corruption.”5 Since the first day of his premiership, H.E. Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre has been vocal about fighting corruption. The Ministry of Justice believes the endorsed National Anti-Corruption Strategy, 2020 – 2023 by the cabinet leads and provides a pragmatic tool to prevent corruption and this will be encouraging step with a substantive program of actions required from all the government institutions, civil society and society at large.

Approved National Anti-corruption Strategy 2020-2023 (NACS)-English version. 

Approved National Anticorruption Strategy-Somali Version (1)


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06 Aug
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Consultation meeting of the national Anti-corruption strategy (2019-2020) with the core group of FGS and civil society organization

Ministry of Justice and Judicial Affairs of federal government of Somalia has put together a consultation meeting on the draft of National Anti-Corruption Strategy today 05 August 2019 in which different institutions, ministries of  federal government of Somalia and federal member states has attended the meeting. This meeting was held on at Green Paradise Hotel in Mogadishu. It was officially opened by the Minister of Justice H.E. Hassan Haji and the Deputy Minister of Finance H.E. Prof. Abdullahi Sheik Ali Qalocow who both emphasized the urgent need to curb the corruption and improve the integrity of public servant in Somalia. They talked about the importance of drafting the strategy which focuses to ameliorate the situation of Somalia and putting the country forward into characterizing high standard of ethics, integrity to change the perception and narrative believed by the world.

The Minister of Justice has deeply reiterated that detectingcorruption and upping integrity is the main responsibility and priority of the Ministry of Justice and the ministry will keep continuing spreading the efforts to the federal member states in order for widely and collectively prevent all the corruption drivers in Somalia. The meeting lasted for two days which is being presented the objective of the national anti-corruption strategy, legal frame work and its five point plan to the attendees while the participants contributed and inputted vital discussions and comments to the strategy.

The two day meeting was adjourned on 06 August 2019 by the Minister of Justice H.E. Hassan Haji who gave his valuable advice to all the representative ministries of FGS and FMS to improve the public service the give to the society and promised to implement all the comments and contributions they suggested.

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20 Apr
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The consultative meeting of youth and women for the challenges of corruption and societies’ integrity enhancement


A two-day consultative meeting was held in Mogadishu city by the Ministry of Justice & Judicial Affairs which attended Youth, Women Organizations and Champers of Commerce. It was organized and coordinated by the Integrity Coordination Unit under Ministry of Justice of the federal government of Somalia. This meeting was going on in Afrik Hotel on 16-17 April 2019 and it was adjourned on the 17 April 2019.

This meeting was officially opened by the Minister of Justice and Judicial Affairs, Avv. Hassan Hussein Haji, who first encouraged the youth to participate in the efforts to fight against corruption and enforce the integrity and value of the society. It was also raised and discussed contemporary and intriguing agendas which were intended to raise the awareness of the youth and women organizations in order to fight heartfelt for the challenges of corruption that has been bearing by the society especially the youth. The Minister further told that youth and women organizations are the backbones of the society and expressed that the future belongs to them. Therefore, it is indispensably needed to enhance their awareness towards positive contribution to the society.

As everyone is fully aware that the Federal Government of Somalia sheds the light on the development of Somali integrity system, enhancement of good governance including transparency, accountability and enforcing the efforts of the Ministry to detecting corruption. The crucial aim of this meeting was to find out a survey concerning the perceptions of youth for the corruption challenges, level of corruption awareness in Somalia.  It is also intended to raise the value and integrity of the youth which might finally lead to contribute finding out a suitable strategic plans to combat against corruption; integrity enhancement, good governance and improving professional ethics needed from youth.

The attendant of the meeting was included by the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the Federal Government of Somalia, Champers of Commerce, National Youth Organization, and Benadir Youth Organization; Union of Somali Students and other youth organizations such as Ifiye Organization and Hope Generation etc. It was also part of the attendee, the office of the president and representatives of UNDP.

Ministry of Justice of Federal Government of Somalia (MoJ) would like to express its sincere appreciation and deepest gratitude to all the Youth Organizations, Universities, chambers of Commerce and representative ministries who were actively participated and contributed in the focus group discussions for the two day meeting,


The Meeting Agenda and the Recommendations

The meeting agendas were included Somali Integrity Environment: Required Ethics of Public Servants and correlation of Youth Unemployment issue with corruption, History of Corruption Laws and its Practice in Africa and Somalia; perceptions of youth towards corruption. The agendas were also included corruption challenges, the enforcement and enhancement mechanism of the integrity of professional ethics of public servants; upping the level of awareness raising in Somalia. The participants discussed deeply all the agendas and produced vital recommendations to the business, civil society organizations as well as federal government of Somalia.

The Recommendations of the Meeting:

The Recommendation of the Youth towards Business People

  1. Youth Organizations recommend to the busness people to halt practicing corruption and paying bribes to the public servants while the Islmaic Sharai and the constitution had banned all the forms of corruption.
  2. Youth recommends resorces should be transfred into building the infrastructure of the economy Instead of paying bribes to the illegal channels,
  3. Participants of the meeting are highly recommending to the businesses people to invest the domestic economy in order to create an emplyment opportunities to the graduate students as well as craftsman.

The Recommendations to the Civil Society Organizations

  1. Civil Society Organizations should represent youth and women organizations for the ameliorating of the current situation of the country and be part of the eefforts of the Ministry of Justice to fight corruption.
  2. Civil Society should produce recommendations which can induce government to develop social services.

The Recommendations to the Federal Government of Somalia

  1. The government should form for the youth a platform which can facilitate to submit their constructive ideas and views.
  2. Anti-corruption education and integrity enhancement should be included into the curriculum of the country.
  3. The government should form a program to foster and elevate the awareness raising of the youth towards corruption and integrity enhancement.
  4. Youth should be recruited in the government services based on the merit of their talent and the level of their education.
  5. The government should ban the phenomenon of the commercialization of the politics and  promote to incourage democratic elections in order to participate talented people.


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31 Mar
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The consultative meeting of the corruption challenges and government’s integrity enhancement

A two-day consultative meeting was held in Mogadishu city on 26-27 March 2019 in which the meeting was talked about the corruption challenges of the country and the enhancement of integrity of the public servants. It is organized by the National Integrity Coordination Unit under the Ministry of Justice of federal government of Somalia.  And it was invited and participated several ministries of the federal government of Somalia, such as Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Constitution; Ministry of Security, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Information, Ministry of Health; National Economic Council, Financial Reporting Center, Auditor General, Accountant General and etc. The other group which also participated was the civil society organization and academic sectors such as SIMAD University, Mogadishu University and Abrar University.

The main aim of this meeting was to find out rigorous research concerning the level of corruption awareness in Somalia, exhibition the commitment of the government towards corruption detection and finally to find out suitable strategic plans to combat against corruption; integrity enhancement, good governance and professional ethics of the public servants. The objective was also to create a focal groups within the government institutions’ elite personnel who will be closely working with this unit in order to detect corruption effectively and efficiently.  Ministry of Justice of Federal Government of Somalia (MoJ) would like to express its sincere appreciation and deepest gratitude to all the Institutions, Universities, Civil Societies and Ministries which were actively participated and contributed in the focus group discussions for the two daymeeting. The following communiqués were issued in the meeting.

The Communique of the Meeting:

1. To join and sign the international convensions by endorsing the United Nations Convention against Corruption(UNCAC) and of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime which are both international and also be part of the regional convensions for combating aginst corruption.
2. To foster and accelerate the forming of anti-corruption government institutions such as the National Anti-corruption commission by finalizing its laws to detect corruption challanges.
3. The Minister of Justice should continually coordinate the meetings of  the created focal groups of the working relationship with the Integrity Coordination unit to detect corruption.
4. To carruy out an awareness raising compaign in order to educate and inform somali society to the consequencies of corruption.
5. To finalize the 2019-2020 National Ant-Corruption Strategy/Plan rapidly.
6. To spread and desimintae the plan of awareness raising, reserach and strategy through out the country.
7. The United Nations and International Organizations are requested to assist the anti-corruption efforts of the Ministry of Justcie of Federal Government of Somalia.
8. To commit and maintain the anti-corruption efforts both in the short and long term.
9. To enforce all the opportunities that we have and utilize it into the eradicating of corruption challanges.
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25 Feb
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Minstry of Justice of Federal Government of Somalia has started efforts to increase Integrity and to fight Corruption in Somalia

National Integrity Coordinator Mr, Mahad Mohamed has undertaken a preliminary trip to Puntland State of Somalia today on February 24, 2019 and he embarked on a study tour of Somalis’ first established anti-corruption body, the Puntland Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Bureau.

The Director General of Puntland Ministry of Justice has cordially welcomed the coordinator at the Garowe city and discussed with him the aim of his trip and the schedule that he is going to work for the coming days he is in Puntland.

The main aim of this trip is a peer learning of integrity, anti-corruption, transparency with anti-corruption bodies, and identification of open challenges of accountability and fighting corruption. The mission of this trip has succeeded since the delegate is going to meet with the Puntland government institutions, specifically, the Puntland Bureau of Good Governance and anti-corruption, Ministry of Justice, Puntland Judiciary to underline and synthesize the awareness of anti-corruption and exchange the suitable ideas with combating corruption in all its forms and recommend the nature of required awareness and any other suitable strategy to overcome that challenge.  This peer learning and exchanging ideas will pave the way forward to form the National Ant-corruption Commission which will effectively function in both National and Federal Member States levels.

I hope the three days of Puntland trip will benefit the newly established National Integrity Coordination unit under Ministry of Justice. And it also facilitates the aimed goal of locally network establishment and intra-government relations for the dialogues on the induction seminars.

The Ministry of Justice will continue this kind of dialogues with the Federal Member States and Anti-Corruption bodies in order to reach accountability, integrity and to foster fighting corruption through intra-government relations and raising the awareness of the society.

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16 Dec
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MoJ statement of the closure of Jilacow detention center

Today is a historic day in the history of Somalia as the federal government officially closed the Jilaow dentention facilityfamously known as ” Godka Jilacow”. This is as a result of ministry of internal security reform agenda and Ministry of justice of the federal governments response to upholding human right values and in conformity with CHAPTER 2 of our interim constitution on fundamental rights and the duties of the citizen on  General Principles Of Human Rights; which is to preserve Human Dignity, Equality and the subsequent Application of the Fundamental Rights and other freedoms enshrined in our constitution and other relevant international treaties.

Human right protection is an intergral part of rule of law as a result, the Justice ministry is putting high priority on the prevention of HR abuses. In collaboration with key federal institutions i.e. Ministry of internal security, and other relevant institutions. The government will subject everyone to due process of the law as provided in the constitution and the country’s domestic procedural laws.  

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12 Dec
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Ministry of Justice of FGS conducts Rule of Law Working Group meeting

The Ministry of Justice and Judicial Affairs of Federal Government of Somalia conducted today in Mogadishu the Rule Of Law of Working Group meeting that was chaired by the Minister of Justice of FGS and with his Co-chairs from Donors, EU and the Netherland.

High ranked officials from the Federal Government of Somalia and International Community have participated the meeting and highlighted its importance for both government and Donors. The session was jointly organized by a technical team from MoJJAand UN as an implementing partner.

During the sessions the Ministry of Planning and UNDP jointly made presentation related to on M&E Goal 16 team for the ROL projects and programs, while the officials from the Ministry of Justice has presented newly developed government road maps special Justice and Security road map and inclusive politics, the concerned portion of Rule of Law.

The State Minister of the Office of Prime Minister, H.E. Abdullahi Hamud, presented SSG and Mogadishu Security project and asked the participants for approval. The Project was unanimously approved with no single objection.

The Minister of Justice has addressed and made remarks that the ministry is giving a priority to expand access to Justice including ADR, Legal Aid and Legal Awareness.

The Ministry of Justice under my leadership is giving special importance to access to justice initiatives including Alternative Dispute Resolution Centers, Legal Aid and Legal Awareness” said H. E. Hassan Hussein Haji, the Minister of Justice and Judicial Affairs of FGS, “13 ADR centers are currently operating across the country” He added.

The Minister also talked about the status of country’s anti- corruption activity dictating that the Ministry has recently operationalized anti-corruption unit and the upper house has endorsed it Bill.

We are committed to finalize the establishment of Anti-corruption commission; the bill of the commission is now in Upper House and waiting for their approval” said H.E Hassan Hussein, “The Ministry has recently established a new Anti- corruption Unit supported by IDLO that is supposed to deal with all anti-corruption activities till the commission gets ready”  he said, “On 9th of this month (December 2018), together with our international partners’ celebrated the international day of Anti-corruption to place awareness on the side of government on the scourge of corruption: he added during his address.

Somalia has been healing from the prolonged political and institutional turmoil since the emerge of Somali Federal System backed by international community, building the capacity of government institutions, re-establishing all key institutional system was key and integral parts that Somalia leaderships have been trying to get strong Somalia again.


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09 Dec
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Somalia’s Commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day

On December 9, 2018, the Federal Government of Somalia, led by the Ministry of Justice and Judiciary Affairs, held a celebratory event commemorating International Anti-Corruption Day in Mogadishu. The Government underscored its commitment to tackle the scourge of corruption as a strategic priority. December 9th is marked each year on the anniversary of the ratification of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, with 2018 marking the 15th anniversary of the Convention.


The high-level event was opened by statements from Somalia’s Auditor-General Mohamed Ali “Afgoye” and Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir, both of whom discussed the country’ssystemic corruption challenge and the need for a concerted, comprehensive approach. In the keynote speech delivered by Minister of Justice and Judiciary Affairs, H.E Hassan Hussein Haji, the Minister underlined the need to change dangerous narratives about Somalia, the range of measures adopted by the Government to seriously address corruption, as well as the imminent launch of Somalia’s first National Anti-Corruption Strategy and the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Commission. The Minister listed key reforms undertaken by the Government in recent years, adding: “It is high time that we reject and change dangerous narratives. The Federal Government of Somalia has done much over the last few years to not only change perceptions, but to change the reality. Our Government is the first Somali government to put corruption so high on its agenda… International Anti-Corruption Day provides an opportunity for Somalia and its international partners to stand united against corruption and reaffirm our mutual determination to strengthen transparency and accountability throughout the public and private sectors of Somalia. I would like to use this opportunity to call on the international community to continue to help push the Government’s good governance and anti-corruption reforms.The Minister also confirmed the Government’s intention to ratify and sign the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in the near future.


The event featured participation from the Government’s international partners with statements being delivered by high-level delegates including Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, Peter de Clercq, the Acting European Union Ambassador to Somalia Fulgencio Garrido Ruis “Pencho”, the United States Ambassador to Somalia Donald Y. Yamamoto, the United Kingdom Ambassador to Somalia David Concar, and World Bank Somalia Country Representative Hugh Riddell. The event equally boasted representation by a plethora of civil society groups including significant representation by youth and women.


At the event, the Ministry of Justice and Judiciary Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed the first part of an agreement to develop a comprehensive approach to tackle corruption in Somalia and lay the groundwork for the development of a national integrity system. At the signing ceremony, UNDP Somalia acting Resident Representative, George Conway, congratulated the government on the progress it has made in increasing transparency, accountability and the rule of law in Somalia, and reaffirmed the United Nations’ commitment to push these initiatives further.


The event concluded as it had been opened: in celebratory fashion, with the attendees being treated to traditional musical and theatrical performances on the topic of corruption.

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24 Oct
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Somalia delegation led by the minister of justice H.E. Hassan

Somalia delegation led by the minister of justice H.E Hassan Hussein Haji participated in the 18th anti-corruption conference which took place between 22-24th of Oct.
Somalia reported some sort of improvement in the fight against corruption as it has been ranked worst in the TI index globally.
The delegation were on a mission to convince the world of the challenges in the region and the strides being made by the federal government of Somalia to combat corruption.

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16 Oct
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The Minister of Justice of Somalia H. E.Hajji has met with Mr. Haysom

The Minister of Justice of Somalia H. E. Hassan Hussein Haji has met yesterday with Nicholas Haysom, the newly appointed UN Special Representative for Somalia and head of United Nation Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) in UN Compound, Mogadishu, Somalia. Both the Minister and SRSG Mr. Haysom have discussed and shared lots of issues related to the justice institutions and good governance. They jointly highlighted that if there is no justice there will be no security and economic growth.

The Minister underlined that the government is committed to bring back and harmonize all government systems as it were, and these requires resource and patience.

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