Minister’s Message

It is my pleasure to present this message from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Judicial Affairs. This website is designed to maximize visibility and increase transparency with regards to the ministry’s activities.

I will prioritize access to justice, correction services, legal drafting and Judicial independence in line with our interim constitution.  Somalia is at a pivotal moment in modern history, developing at a rapid pace socially, economically and politically. we must ensure such development is diversified and sustainable, guaranteeing a just and fair administrative system of resettling all emerging issues is paramount for a more prosperous tomorrow for our citizens.

The Ministry is working to develop new, simplified and more effective reporting processes that will better allow Parliament and Somalis to monitor our Government’s progress on delivering real change to our country. Justice related, legal drafting and correction reports will mainly focus on transparency on how we are accessing our courts to fulfil our commitments and achieve results for Somalis.

This website will provide new reporting mechanisms allowing everyone ease in following our ministry’s progress towards delivering on our priorities in line with the country’s National development plan as well as the Justice and security roadmap, which were outlined by the Prime Minister H.E Mohamed Hussein Rooble’s guidance.

Hon Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur (Jaamac),
Minister of Justice.