Legal Aid and Legal Awareness

 Legal Aid is the provision of legal representation, legal assistance, legal advice and information to persons who cannot afford legal services. Defending and representing the accused is an important role of Legal aid service but Legal Aid also encompasses awareness, where people are able to access legal information and institutions to protect their rights as citizens.

Ministry of Justice and Judiciary affairs (MOJJA) of Federal Republic of Somalia is committed to strength service delivery units within the Ministry and has made progress for the establishment of special unit of legal Aid and legal awareness coordination aiming to implement legal Aid Policy that was widely consulted, validated, and approved by council of Ministers.

The purpose of legal aid department is to provide equal access to justice to vulnerable groups who otherwise cannot afford the services of a lawyer and it is the only way to ensure that all people have equal opportunities to justice enabling the poor and vulnerable groups to receive their constitutionally mandated rights to be treated equally in front of the law and courts. Equal access to law for the rich and poor alike is essential to the maintenance of the rule of law and stability.


  • Create a practical, affordable and effective legal awareness and legal aid service delivery scheme that increases access to justice for all.
  • Training on citizens for the constitutionally mandated rights.
  • Enhancing relationship between government and non-government institutions providing legal aid services.
  • Empowering legal aid providers and legal professionals.
  • Reviewing and evaluating legal aid service status and reforming relevant laws.