About the Department

It is one of the core departments of the Ministry of Justice that assists local criminal justice systems to reduce or prevent crime, violence and drug abuse. It preserves and monitors justice of law procedures, and provides the attestation of the legal documents. The department also supervises and trains members of the judiciary and also registers and provides legal professional licenses to the society.  

Functions of the Department:

  1. To preserve and monitor justice and rule of law procedures
  2. To preserve judicial independence of the country
  3. To register and licensing legal professionals
  4. To check and attest legal documents
  5. To enhance coordination mechanisms between the Ministry and Judicial Institution

Sections of the Department:

The department has four main sections

  1. Registration and attestation section
  2. Judicial coordination section
  3. Legal aid section
  4. Complaint Section

Contact us 

P.O. Box 629, Mogadishu-Somalia

Email judiciary@moj.gov.so or  info@moj.gov.so

Tel. +252617455080 or  0613051000