I. Position Information
Post titleNational Consultant for Justice Sector Strategy Development,
StatusLocal Consultant, 1 position
Reports toPermanent secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs or whomever he/she assigns to.
Estimated duration 30 working days between November & December 2023, with extension from January 2024 and onwards.
Duty stationMogadishu-based, with possible travel to different regions of Somalia.
Starting date  11/Nov/2023
Closing date and time27/Nov/2023 @12:00PM


II. Organizational Background
The Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Justice and constitutional Affairs is mandated to support the administration of justice in Somalia, including analysing justice issues and addressing public grievance, supporting relevant legal and policy reforms to improve access to justice, ensuring management of corrections services, coordinating justice stakeholders. The Ministry is implementing the third phase of the Joint Justice and Corrections Program (JJCP). As part of JJCP, the Ministry, in coordination with the sector institutions, decided to undertake the development of a five-year justice sector strategy.
II. Sector Context
Somalia’s complex, legal pluralism: statutory, customary, and religious legal frameworks coexist and are intertwined. It is widely acknowledged that state institutions (statutory) are currently not meeting citizens’ expectation in the provision of fair and enforceable justice. Effective state justice can be delivered through the Justice Chain – police, prosecutorial, court, and custodial – and that requires a sectoral coordination. While each institution has/had strategies, there has never been a shared vision, goals, and objectives. This has led to silo operations that at times have been competing and/or conflicting.

III. Assignment Description and Rationale

Somalia’s justice landscape is in, reality, an arena of multiple actors with opposing interests than coherent, unified justice sector. Hence, the ministry will undertake the development of the first Justice sector strategy in the country that brings together justice chain institutions at both federal and federal member state levels.  These institutions are crucial to provide fair and equitable justice to every person in the country.

The goal of this strategy is to co-create a shared vision among justice sector actors and set shared goals and objectives to support justice sector institutions through a participatory planning process with key stakeholders including justice services users. A sectoral strategy is essential for cooperation among the actors in providing fair and equal access to justice for all. A coordinated justice sector will improve service deliver as well as save time and resources by creating synergies.

IV Scope of work
Under the direct supervision of the Director of Planning of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, the national consultant will work closely with international consultant to guide, co-design and develop affordable and practical Justice Sector Strategy utilising innovative methodology i.e., design thinking/ system-thinking, scenario planning that is co-created with institutions and end users. S/He will facilitate a directional analysis of the justice sector including assessing past strategies employed by institutions in the sector and examining how they serve to deliver sectors’ mandate.

The strategy development process will adapt innovative methods utilizing Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA). These include bringing justice sector actors and service users to transfer modus operando from silos and competing institution to cooperating and complimentary that puts the people at the centre of any solution.

The primary role is the development of a comprehensive and cohesive justice sector strategy, with specific focus on co-creation using system-thinking, considering the national-level context, and aligning with National Development Plan (NDP9). This will involve documenting and sharing and discussing tested and tried national and subnational approaches, stories, and experiences in enhancing justice systems. These insights will contribute to the development of a strategy that aligns with global goals and norms.

Specific responsibilities and tasks include:

·         With the help of the international consultant, develop a comprehensive methodology utilizing innovative approaches and process – as well as prepare a detailed “co-creation” plan for Sector strategy development.

·         Collect and review of relevant current and previous laws, policies and national and local strategies and best practices in the Justice sector institutions.  Undertake preliminary assessment on the function of the Somali justice sector with a critical and learning lens (where has it been effective and successful, where is it not, what can it build on, etc.).

·         Conduct justice chain ecosystem mapping including national-level network of actors, interests, power dynamics) a three-tiered (political, institutional and community) lens.

·         With the support of the international consultant, facilitate the leadership retreat for initial scoping/ discussions with senior leadership and technical team to build a common approach to the assignment.

·         With the support of the international consultant, design and co-creation of consultation workshop questions, guidelines, templates, and tools as well as Quality assurance framework.

·         With the support of the international consultant, develop strategic document template/layout and initial draft together with the national consultant.

·         Design and organize national consultations (using both focus group discussions and key informant interviews) after the initial retreat to begin process of developing a common vision and set direction for the strategy development.

·         Provide support for the initial draft strategy plan by the international consultant for comments and discussion among Justice sector stakeholders.

·         Undertake consultation with relevant stakeholders to gather feedback on the strategy.

·         Provide support to the international consultant for the drafting of the final strategy; ensuring that it is costed and includes governance, coordination and management.

·         Organize validation workshops.

·         Translation of the final strategy document into Somali (including final strategy, tools, templates, presentations)

·         Provide weekly/monthly report updating on the progress of the deliverables.

V. Expected outputs/ Deliverables.
The consultant will generate the following deliverables:

Key outputs/ Deliverables 2023Estimated working days
Work plan: Develop a comprehensive methodology and timeline for the consultancy3
Situational Analysis that captures Justice Sectoral evolution: history, current situation, context, ecosystem stakeholders, trends, patterns, and best practices led by the international consultant, and Ecosystem mapping of National and sub-national justice chain actors, structures, networks, interests, and power dynamics14
In partnership with the international consultant, support development of methodology with timeline for the development of the justice sector strategic plan5
Preparation and facilitation of the leadership retreat including setting up questions5
Retreat report including vision, goals, objectives, and challenges.3


VII: Qualifications and Competencies

A university degree in law, public administration, political science, governance, or related fields.


The consultant will need to demonstrate skills and competencies in the following areas:

·         At least 5-7 years’ professional experience working on justice at both ministerial and non-governmental organizations.

·         Proven knowledge of the Somalia Justice System, work experience with Ministry of Justice, Judiciary, Attorney General Office, and corrections.

·         Knowledge of Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations provision of justice services including gender justice.

·         Experience with strategic planning processes in public sector using participatory approaches.

·         Experience in facilitating high-level, multi-stakeholder, multisectoral workshops at both senior and technical level attendance including National/ international stakeholders.

·         Experience with innovative strategy development approaches i.e., PDIA, design thinking/ system-thinking, horizon scanning, scenario planning is added advantage.

·         Experience with formal, informal justice (alternative dispute resolution mechanisms) as well as linking Justice with stabilization, local government corrections, police reform is an asset.

·         Experience and understanding of Somali context and language.

·         Proven ability to accomplish technical advisory/consultancy projects on time.

·         Experience using system and design thinking will be an asset.

Language Requirement:

ü  English

ü  Somali

VII. Application process


Qualified Consultant Candidates with the required skills and qualifications are invited to submit:

·         CV

·         Cover letter including 3 Reference with their details.

·         Testimony of 2-3 similar work conducted.

NOTE: Interested candidates should submit their applications via e-mail hr@moj.gov.so , or Hard copy to the Human Resource Department Office of the Ministry not latter that 18 Nov 2023 at 12:00PM, Somalia time.


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