Brief History

The Ministry of Justice was created in 1956 during the joint Somali/Italian administration with the aim of achieving a sustainable democratic system of governance that operates within a clearly defined and predictable legal environment. The responsibility of the Ministry is to promote democracy, good governance and human rights through the development of policies and programs that enhance the enjoyment of social, economic and political rights. The Ministry of Justice is headed by a Minister who is appointed by the Prime Minister and supported by the deputy Minister. The Duties and obligations include: policy formulations on legal drafting, advocacy, external relations and serve as agents for justice, Respect to the supremacy of and rule of law. The Ministry is administered by the Director General (DG) and the rest of the departments working under him as the structure indicate.

Here is list of Justice Ministers Since the country’s independence 1960-Present

# Full Name Duration Note
1 H.E. Mr. Mahamoud Ahmed Mohamed 1960-61 [1st Minister of Justice]
2 H.E. Mr. Ahmed geelle Hussien 1962-63
3 H.E. Mr. Abdirahman Hajji Mumin 1964-66
4 H.E. Mr. Aden Shire Jama (Adan Law) 1967-69
5 H.E. Mr. Osman Nuur Ali 1969
6 H.E. Sh. Abdiqani Sh. Ahmed 1970-72
7 H.E. Mr. Abdisalan Sh. Hussein 1973-77
8 H.E. Mr. Ahmed Shire Mohamoud 1978-83
9 H.E. Sh. Hassan Abdulahi Farah 1984-88
10 H.E. Mr. Mohamoud Said Maxamed 1989
11 H.E. Sh. Mohamed Guleed 1990
12 H.E. Mr. Abdulahi Osoble Siyaad 1990
13 H.E. Mr. Mumin Omar 1991
14 H.E. Mr. Mohamed Cumar Farah 2000-2003
15 H.E. Mr. Aadan  Mohamed Nor 2004-2005
16 H.E. Mr. Hassan Dhinbil Warsame 2006-2007
17 H.E. Prof. Salim Aliyow Ibrow 2008
18 H.E. Mr. Ismael  Abdi Mohamed 2008
19 H.E. Mr. Abdurrahman Mahmud Farah (Janaqow) 2009-2010
20 H.E. Mr. Abdikarim Ahmed Ali 2010
21 H.E. Mr. Abdulahi Abyan Nor 2010-2011
22 H.E. Mr. Ahmed Hassan Gaboobe (Ugaas bile) 2011-2013
23 H.E. Mr. Abdulahi Abyan Nor 2013-2014
24 H.E. Mr. Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir 2014-2015
25 H.E. Mr. Abdullahi Ahmed Jama Ilka-Jiir 2015-2017
26 H.E. Mr. Hassan Hussein Haji 2017 -2020
27 H.E. Mr. Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur (Jaamac) 2020-present