Human Resource & Training

The Human Resource and Training Department: is the Department responsible for the development and implementation of the human resource programmmes and services necessary to support the mission of the Ministry of Justice. The department one of the core among the Ministry departments.

Functions of the Department:

  1. To lead the Human Resource and Training Department for the Ministry of Justice and to ensure the delivery of high quality service to the community in response the short and long terms planning and objectives.
  2. Planning, organizing and leading the Ministry’s activity regarding to the individual responsibilities through the department directorate.
  3. Highlight and underline the weaknesses and challenges the department experiences and prepare a possible solutions for these problems.
  4. Initiating a mechanisms that help the staff the implementation of their duties.
  5. To Manage the Human resource and provide reports to the Ministry’s leadership.
  6. Propose the promotion of the personnel, awarding and punishing and firing from the job in relation to the country’s HRM law.
  7. Ensuring employees leave records are updated and accurate.
  8. Accepting applications and all other requirements for employment.
  9. Publishing & posting vacancies
  10. Preparing the employment condition and job requirement.
  11. Preparing and issuing letters of employment, job letters etc
  12. Recording full employment files until the final stage of the employment process.
  13. Preparing capacity development plan for the Ministry of Justice, FGS.
  14. Prioritising the required capacity building for the ministry staff and report to the Ministry leadership.
  15. Share the capacity building issues with Planning department and the DG.
  16. The general coordination and Management the Ministry’s sanitation system.
  17. Monitoring and delivering the services to the whole offices of the Ministry.
  18. Recording and keeping all files of the employees starting from the day of recruitment.
  19. Maintain employee’s entry and exit records.
  20. Ensuring employees leave records are updated and accurate.
  21. Supervising employees and their works.
  22. Solving the problems and conflict among the staff.

The Department has four sections:

  1. Employment Section
  2. Training Section
  3. Human Resource Section
  4. General service section



P. O. Box 629, Mogadishu-Somalia