About us

Overview and Role of the Ministry

The Ministry of Justice is the lead administrator of Justice in federal Republic Of Somalia and therefore administers legislation, delivers justice services, and provides policy support and analysis on justice issues.

 It is mandated to:

Ensure that federal Republic Of Somalia is a just and law-abiding society with an accessible, efficient and fair system of justice for all.

  • Promote respect for rights and freedoms, the Rule of Law and the Constitution.
  • Promote an awareness of individual responsibilities and civil obligations.
  • Protecting the constitutional rights of citizens.
  • Maintaining the independence of the judiciary.
  • Reinforcing confidence in Legal Institutions.
  • Carrying out law reform to affect greater social justice.
  • Providing means of redress when people are abused by organs of the state.
  • Carrying out legal directives ordered by the courts for the protection of society.

The Ministry of Justice strengthened public trust and confidence in the justice system; improved access to justice; strengthened linkages between justice sector institutions; establishing a sound court infrastructure and implementing a social component to the delivery of justice.

Priority Policy

The priority policy of the Ministry of Justice is the comprehensive transformation of the justice system, focusing primarily in the short to medium terms on the following specific policy areas:

  • Justice Reform
  • Restorative Justice
  • Protecting Children, Youth and Vulnerable Groups


The purpose

  • The review and structure of ministry of Justice for the improvement of the work performance, the departments and units, cooperation in a well operating and their joint and well-coordinated manner of ministry of Justice
  • All the staff to be familiar with the specific responsibilities and expected outcomes of their departments, units and their job description for the effective contribution to the completion of the social judiciary services by the ministry of Justice Head of departments, units and staff and to clearly understand, be aware of and familiarize themselves for the national mandate, vision, mission, the targets and their role in the fulfillment of the major functions of the ministry
  • Improve the effectual information sharing and cooperation between the staff and heads of the departments and units intended for their best way to be activated in a joint and well-coordinated manner to fulfill the common goals of ministry of Justice
  • Strengthening the reporting and supervision lines through staff’s understanding of the organizational structure of the ministry of Justice particularly in the area of the internal and working together relations among Departments, service units and staff;
  • The development and the implementation of the long term strategy plan, annual work plan and departmental plans of ministry of Justice of Federal republic of Somalia
  • The training needs assessment for the upgrade of professional knowledge and skills for the judiciary, Custody corps and ministry of Justice staff members,
  • The designing of appropriate training manuals and development of Human resource policies in support of the empowering the ministry of Justice staff, local legal professionals, especially judges and court personnel,
  • Establishment of technical units under the departments of ministry of Justice of Federal republic of Somalia with the development of their specific responsibilities and expected outcomes for the effective completion of the social judiciary services by the ministry of Justice