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rule of law, good governance and due process for all

About Us


To promote effective and efficient machinery capable of providing a legal framework for good governance and delivery of legal advice and services to Government, its allied institutions and the general public.


A nation that upholds the rule of law, good governance and due process for all.

Our Values

⦁ Justice and Fairness
⦁ Constitutional Integrity
⦁ Accountability
⦁ Transparency
⦁ Ethical Governance
⦁ Human Rights Advocacy
⦁ Citizen-Centric Services
⦁ Representation and Inclusivity
⦁ Professionalism
⦁ Respect
⦁ Empathy


The Minister

Hassan Mo’allin Mohamoud

The Minister
State Minister

Mumina Sheikh Omar

The State Minister
Deputy Minister

Ahmed Abdirahman Hassan

The Deputy Minister
Permanent Secretary

Faisal Adan Hassan

The Permanent Secretary

What is the News

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