Introduction of Planning Department

Planning Department: It is a lead support department with Three sections: Planning Programs and Project Section; Training and capacity building; Research and Development. The Department is responsible of the redaction of the Ministry’s annual Reports. It coordinates the production of the ministry’s annual and half yearly plans and establishes coordination with other government institutions and within the ministry. It is responsible for improving the capacity of the ministry staff, organizing strategic planning reviews and training initiatives.  In addition the department is charged with the management of contacts with donors and partners including the coordination of support to the MoJ.



  1. Collecting and uniting department annual strategic plans and assisting departments.
  2. Provide research assistance to departments and units as requested.
  3. Conducting training assessment needs and preparing training material.
  4. Assist other units in delivering trainings.
  5. Planning projects.
  6. Monitoring and evaluating activities and projects of the Ministry
  1. Strengthen the co-operation of the department with other government agencies and international partners in co-operation with the Ministry.
  2. Preparing strategic plan and work plans of the Ministry
  3. Prepare seasonal, annual reports on performance-related work, achievements, developments and challenges.