Legislatives and Agreements Department in the Ministry of Justice and Judicial Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia is shaped to lead two main tasks derived from the basic mandate of the Ministry which are (1) conducting of policy and legal drafting subjects and, (2) matching or mounting of both national and international agreements convoluted or involved by the Federal Government of Somalia by making accord analyzing if needed so trough them.



To draft, review, amend, adjust, translate and make contributing comments on legislatives, policies and agreements primarily written and reviewed by or agreed on by federal institutions.

  1. Draft, review, amend, adjust, translate and make contribute the mandated lawmaking approaches of the MOJ&JA.
  2. Draft, review, amend, adjust, translate and make contributing comments on the legislatives initially drafted, reviewed or written from by other federal institutions.
  3. Analyze and make commentary on agreements trusted by in any federal institution to this department through condition of legal side technicality.
  4. Archive copy of all accomplished effort of legislatives and agreements in the department.
  • Objective:

To facilitate by enabling a reliable and trust able lawmaking performance to the nation and produce analyzed legislative and agreements.

This department has two Units;

  1. Policy and Legal Drafting Unit (PLDU) which also has three sub-sections
  • Legal drafting section
  • Policy and legal advisory section, and
  • Translation and archive section.
  1. Agreements and accord analyzing Unit

Under work roll of the department current are actively employed 10 legal experts responsibly performing tasks of initially drafting, amending, reviewing, translating, commenting and contributing or putting notes on laws, policies, standard operational procedures (SOPs) and other legal documentations in order to match according to the Federal Constitution of the country, other existed national law, international human rights standards as well as the drafting code and manual for uniformity and Nomo-technics from the Council of Ministers of the Federal Government of Somalia.