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I am Hassan Hussein Haji, the Minister of Justice (MoJ) of the Federal Republic of Somalia. 21 I would like to express my sincere gratitude for everyone visiting our website

 The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is making an all-out effort to re-build the nation through Justice of the Federal Republic of Somalia and also setting up for ‘safe country and happy Community’ based on ‘Rule of law truly desired by the public, legal administration agreed on by the public’.

 Our Ministry would establish firm rule of law and practice fair and balanced law enforcement. We would also put human rights at the heart of our policy to protect the underprivileged. Along with this, we are committed to enhancing global competitiveness to take the lead in practicing legal administration.

We will always pay keen attention to public opinion and go through continuous reforms and self-reflection to transform the Ministry of Justice into a credible organization.

Your support and encouragement would be highly appreciated.