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Mission & Vision


  • Leading the way in Justice for All;
  • Public confidence in a justice system that serves all people equally


  1. To continually strive to empower our people by delivering justice, equality before the law, truth, dignity and integrity;
  2. To assist in restoring order and to create faith in an environment where the rule of law prevails;
  3. To promote democracy, good governance and human rights through the development of policies that enhance the enjoyment of social, economic and political rights;
  4. Building and strengthening the capacity of the justice system especially the independence of the Judiciary, based on Justice, Equality, Trust and respecting the Constitution, Laws and other By-laws of the Country.
  5. Setting-up the guidelines and the roadmap of the Constitutional Review and Implementation Process and, in coordination with other institutions, facilitate all essential and technical needs to ensure the constitution-making process is done at earliest convenience

Ministry’s CORE VALUES

  •  Upholding Truth, Justice, Honour, Equality, Transparency; Protecting Individual Rights and the Common Good
  •  Leadership, Integrity, Accountability, Mutual Respect, Teamwork and Cooperation, Commitment and Goal Achievement , Pro-activeness and Responsiveness