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Public Consultation On Anti-corruption Commission Establishment Act 

18 February 2016, Mogadishu, Somalia

Public Consultation Workshop Communiqué

  1. We, the participants of the consultations, met in Mogadishu, between 17th and 18th February 2016 for the first consultation workshop, which was kindly hosted by the Ministry of Justice and Judicial
  1. We welcome the participation of the judiciary members, regional delegations, civil society participants, members of the attorney general’s office, and members of the office of the president and prime ministers and their efforts to address the needs and necessities of these consultations.
  1. We recognize the needs of this Public Consultation on The Anti-corruption Commission Establishment bills. We welcome the representatives that came from the regions and encourage their active participation during the consultation.
  1. We applaud the positive changes that have taken place in the Somalia to legislate the Anti-corruption body for the first time in the 25 years .
  1. We welcome future consultations, workshops, and public awareness of corruption and initiatives and legislation to combat corruption, which we believe will bring stakeholders, beneficiaries and the ministry together.
  1. We endeavor to undertake the implementation of the law and hope it will answer the needs of the Somali people.
  1. We acknowledge the needs of the Anti-corruption Commission Establishment Act at the moment and we would like to recommend the Council of Ministers to approve this bill and pass to the parliament as soon as possible.
  1. We, the members of the consultation workshop endorse the establishment  of Anti-corruption Commission.,
  1. Finally, we applaud the efforts of the organizers of this consultation.We also applaud the contribution of the participants who came from the regions and different government ministries to take part in this workshop.