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Alternative Dispute Resolution


This policy paper is the culmination of literature research, a comparative study of other jurisdictions, stakeholder meetings in Mogadishu,  as well as primary data stemming from consultations with 348 diverse community members 6 undertaken by the Traditional Dispute Resolution (TDR)  Unit in mid-2014  in four districts  of Somalia, namely  Hamarweyne and Hamarjajab (both in Benadir Region), Baydhaba and Kismayo (in Bay and Lower Juba Regions respectively). Further details of the methodology and profile of the respondents for the community consultations is available in Annex A, while the details of the participants two Mogadishu stakeholder meetings are provided in Annex B. Notably, at all times during the research for this policy paper, the TDR Unit and the consultants engaged in this project applied a data-collection approach that was sensitive to gender, age and clan dynamics.

Download Full Report: TDR Unit  Policy Paper Customary Justice  2014