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On Sunday September 21st 2014, the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (MoJC), in collaboration with the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), and under the direct leadership of the Joint Implementation Support Unit (JISU), commenced a four-day consultation process. Held at the Jazeera Palace Hotel, the consultations brought together dynamic stakeholders from across the justice sector. Partaking in the consultations were representatives from the Bar Association, Judiciary, Military Courts, MoJC, the Attorney General’s Office and Civil Society Organizations; the participants provided a robust and informative dialogue throughout the four days.

Facilitated by Emily Rakhorst, IDLO’s expert consultant, the consultations were intended to elicit comprehensive thoughts and ideas from those working in the justice or justice related sectors in Somalia. The overall goal of the consultations was to use these very ideas to prepare an informative and Somali-owned Implementation Plan.

The first day of the stakeholder’s consultations elaborated on what needs to be accomplished by 2016 in order to reform the justice sector by listing out and rating various priorities. More specifically, this day focused on what justice institutions need to be created and/or strengthened. The participants were given three elements to use in order to determine a priority; importance, urgency, and feasibility.

On the second day of consultations, the participants engaged in yet another fruitful and in-depth conversation. This time the discussion was centered on infrastructure goals and objectives, and increasing knowledge and skills. The same elements were used (importance, urgency and feasibility) to determine which ones were a priority.

On days three and four, the conversations were again focused on specific topics. The participants engaged in dialogues about the corrections systems and oversight mechanisms. They also provided insightful feedback into obstacles around access to justice and children and justice.

The overall level of engagement and critical insight was of the highest quality, leaving the consultant Ms. Rakhorst with a sound understanding of the stakeholder’s priorities which will be reflected in the implementation plan.

On Saturday September 27th, the draft implementation plan was circulated to the stakeholder’s and donors for their review. A second round of consultations is scheduled for mid-late October to elicit feedback on the draft plan before its finalization.

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