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About JISU


Roles and responsibilities during the implementation of the Justice Sector Strategy 2014-2016


The Joint Implementation Unit (JISU) is placed within the Ministry of (MoJ) and is mandated by the Minister of Justice to coordinate the implementation of the Justice Sector Action Plan 2014-2016 (hereinafter, Action Plan) in Somalia.  In order to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Unit, several rounds of consultations, with participation from the Ministry of Justice, the Office of the Chief Justice, the Office of the Attorney General and other justice stakeholders have taken place. In addition, the donor community has been requested to provide input, through the co-chairs of the Peace and State building Goal 3 Working Group (PSG 3 WG), the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The European Union has also provided input during the elaboration of these Terms of Reference.

The goal of the JISU is to support the effective and smooth implementation of the Action Plan, ensure coherence in reform activities and prevent overlap of reform initiatives and projects. It will support the Justice Institutions of both federal and state or Interim Administrations in the course of the implementation and planning activities in relation to the justice sector reform.

First and foremost, the JISU is a coordinating and consultative body for all Justice Institutions in Somalia as mentioned in the Justice Sector Action Plan in relation to justice sector reform.

The JISU will undertake its tasks on two levels. Focus area 1 will be related to the overall coordination of the implementation of the Action Plan, with a reporting obligation toward the PSG 3 WG. This will include a focus on crosscutting issues such as gender, child rights and human rights. Focus area 2 concerns the support to the Somali Justice Institutions in relation to the activities that need to be undertaken under the Action Points of the Action Plan.


The overall tasks of the JISU are:

  • Coordinate the implementation for actions under the Action Plan and later strategic plans
  • in relation to the Somali justice sector reform
  • Support the Somali Justice Institutions in their planning activities and identification of
  • reform priorities
  • Support the Somali Justice Institutions in their reporting duties in relation to justice sector reform
  • Support the development and implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) mechanisms within the Somali Justice Institutions
  • Support effective communication on justice sector reform activities in all regions;
  • Function as a liaison toward the PSG 3 WG and Aid Coordination Unit under the Office of the President.
  • Support the federal and state Somali Justice Institutions in identifying their priorities and coordinate to the PSG3 Working Group.
  • Facilitate Capacity building trainings and need assessments for Justice Institutions to increase knowledge and skills management           including the newly recovered areas.
  • Assist develop work plans/strategic plans for Justice Institutions of Somalia.
  • Promote transparency and clarify relation between media and justice institutions.
  • Raise public awareness on constitutional rights and general legal processes.


The JISU is a small unit, is at present expected to undertake its responsibilities in line with focus on the coordination, planning and capacity building tasks. Gradually, it will engage more with the Justice Institutions on reporting, communication, implementation and M&E activities. It is expected that the mandate, tasks and responsibilities will be reviewed twelve months after the unit becomes operational.