Department corrections & awareness Ministry of Justice & Judiciary affairs is department administrated the polices prisons and rehabilitation centers in Somalia and provides legal layer to the offenders when brought the courts. And also, it provides to prisons such as promotion, pay, discipline etc.

The Department aims to contribute to the maintenance of a safe and justice society by reducing the level of re-offending through the delivery of targeted and appropriate programmes to help offender’s awareness rehabilitation and reintegration to society. The Department is also responsible for the transportation of prisoners within the country with the assistance of the Somali Police.


Ø  Accessibility to justice for all victims in country’s jails Ø  Transparency and legal service for defendantsØ  political planning for prisons federal and regional statesØ  implement of the human rights in rehabilitation centers  Ø  Training officers and commanders working in laws and mandated rightsØ  Prisons skills of production agricultural and designing furniture