The Directorate of Admin, Finance and HR

  • Ensuring adequate provision of administrative and financial support to all departments of the MOJ
  • Establish and maintain system and procedures for planning and controlling human resource development for the Ministry
  • Moj’s annual financial plans and budgets
  • Formulate measures to cater for the periodic review of the organizational structure including job classifications and descriptions.
  • Provides support services to the Ministry and co-ordinates the administrative activities of all Justice Sector Institutions.
  • Ensuring effectiveness and functionality of records management system including general, confidential and personnel records.
  • Effectively and efficiently managing transport fleet and other physical assets of the MOJ.
  • Advises on the planning and organization of National and International Conferences, seminars, workshops and legal Awareness.



  • The Directorate is staffed by main core Civil Servants.
  • The main duties of the Directorate are as follows:-
  • To ensure the availability of services and facilities necessary to support the administrative and other functions of the Ministry.
  • To ensure that MOJ has the required number and quality of manpower to effectively carry out its assigned roles and functions;
  • To safeguard the interest of the Ministry in all financial transactions
  • To ensure that staff with requisite background for all types of work in the Ministry are recruited, trained, re-trained, motivated and developed on a continuing basis for the efficient discharge of their duties
  • To provide the installation of an effective and efficient system of internal checks and the practice of proper and accountable administration.
  • Deals with the review of scheme of service, job allocation, performance appraisal, employment, discipline and productivity improvement.
  • Advices the Chief Director and the Political Heads on major issues and suggests solutions to them.
  • Facilitation of capacity building of sectors human resources
  • Facilitation of research and technological development
  • Coordinate all Protocol activities.


Collaborating Agencies

  • All Line and Technical Directorates of MoJ
  • Development partners
  • Ministries, Departments, Agencies and National Commissions


Admin & Admin Finance Department

Comprises of: 

  • Director of the Department (1) –
  • Head of HR section (1)
  • Head of Logistics & Procurement Section (1)
  • Head of Archives and Asset Management section (1)
  • Head of Finance section (3)
  • Accountant
  • Cashier
  • Head of ICT Section (3)
  • System and Network Administrator
  • Database and Applications Administrator
  • Assistants and Cleaners (10)

The use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is growing and widespread It is the essential tool for the efficient administrations of the governmental institutions, and in the delivery of services to its clients.

Ministry of Justice and Judiciary Affairs (MoJJA) assumes technology is a crucial tool that plays a pivotal part in the success of the planned activities which includes: security, communication, justice awareness, legal drafting, publishing and broadcasting, managing staff related information, research and implementation of projects and other deliverable within agreed terms.

Information and communication technology section is one of the section administration support services directorates which provides professional and technical support services in the information communication technology for the entire ministry.

  • To effectively manage information communication technology as a means for delivery of affordable quality justice to all Somalis.
  • To provide leadership and high quality customer focused information and communication technology services to facilitate implementation of a sustainable development in the justice sector.
  • To provide technical support relating to acquisition, development, management and other ICT resource decisions in compliance with officially mandated technical standards provided by Ministry of Justice and Judiciary Affairs (MoJJA).

Provide technical and operational support for systems and infrastructure including networks, websites, e-mail, databases and ministry-specific applications.
Provide user support and training relevant software packages

The Section discharges the following functions:
• Management, maintenance and upgrading of ICT systems and infrastructure
• Training of users on ICT applications to prepare them for the desired changes
• Managing of the Ministry of justice website and ICT networks
• Ensuring network security controls
• Maintenance of ICT hardware/equipment
• Diagnosis of faults and repair of faults in computers and related accessories
• Development and monitoring of technical specifications for procurement of ICT goods and services and recommending disposal of unserviceable electronic equipment
• Provide technical support to Departments during the preparations of their respective annual budget

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